Mission Statement

Our sole mission is to provide patients with the highest level of anesthetic care. This philosophy of excellence has allowed us to secure long-term contracts with several hospitals, ambulatory centers and offices and to deliver superb care to our patients at these facilities.

Our organizational structure allows us to remove the business of medicine from the operating room.

The anesthesia departments at our hospitals function independently on the medical level, but are mutually linked in a business format. This has allowed us to remove the business of medicine from the operating room and to assemble a group of highly skilled anesthesiologists whose main focus is the care of their patients and the smooth, efficient running of the operating rooms.

Each anesthesia department has its own unique style, but the common goals that are shared among our services include cost-containment plans, CQI programs, and scheduling efficiencies which make our operating rooms a safe and attractive environment for our surgeons. We are convinced that our anesthesiologists can and do play a vital role in extending to the community a reputation of excellence for our facilities. The anesthesiologist also serves as a consultant in critical care areas and can have a positive impact on length of stay issues as they apply to ICU patients.

In summary, the role of the anesthesiologist has expanded and we have embraced these changes in the hopes that we can help our colleagues provide the quality of care that our patients expect and deserve.

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