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Northeastern Anesthesia Services, PC (NEA) and its affiliates began as Nyack Medical Associates in 1984. Founded by 5 physicians from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, it has grown into one of the most respected single specialty medical groups in the nation.

NEA facilities are located at hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and office-based practices

NEA care is currently provided at 4 Hospitals, 4 Ambulatory Surgical Centers and 5 Office-Based Practices. Northeastern Anesthesia prides itself on the extraordinary skill of each Anesthesiologist and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist who provides anesthesia to patients under its aegis. All anesthesia care teams are led by Board Certified Anesthesiologists educated and trained at the finest academic medical centers in the country.

Patient safety is the core of NEA’s mission

Our mission is to provide the safest anesthetic care available for our patients. We offer anesthetic services for a variety of surgical procedures. Our physicians derive expertise from having completed fellowships in pediatrics, obstetrics and other anesthetic subspecialties that give our surgeons and patients the advantage of high-level academic style care in a community-based setting. 

NEA Centers of Excellence

Our members typically serve on numerous hospital committees and our ranks have included presidents of medical staffs as well as chairmen of our hospital boards. We have been instrumental in collaborating with our surgeons and nursing staffs in developing “Centers of Excellence” that afford patients (such as those having total joint replacements) cutting edge anesthetic and pain management techniques. Particular attention is paid to limiting post-operative nausea and vomiting and controlling post-procedural pain.

All of our departments extend comprehensive anesthetic care to our colleagues in the ICU, radiology, endoscopy and pain management suites.

Awarded for adherence to best practice models and anesthesia practice management policies

We have often been cited and applauded by regulatory agencies such as JCAHO (Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospitals), for our adherence to best practice models and for the development of numerous anesthesia practice management policies designed to improve patient safety.

Perhaps the greatest testimony to Northeastern Anesthesia is the wonderful feedback we get so often from our patients who participate in the Press-Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey. Positive comments are common and always appreciated while the rare criticism is always considered a clarion call to improve any area that concerns our patients. Northeastern Anesthesia Services and its Affiliates are dedicated to remaining the premier anesthesia organization in the Northeastern United States.

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