Hello, I’m Dr. Mitchell Cohn, President and CEO of Northeastern Anesthesia Services (NEA).

Northeastern Anesthesia Services has grown from a single hospital practice in Nyack, New York to one of the strongest multifacility anesthesia providers on the eastern seaboard, and one of the most respected single specialty medical groups in the nation.

Our staff of Board Certified Anesthesiologists and Nurse Anesthetists have trained at the finest medical centers in the country. Patient education and safety are paramount to NEA’s practice. We collaborate with our team of surgeons so that we are able to provide the safest, most advanced anesthetic care available. The Northeastern Anesthesia staff provides care in hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and office-based practices. We have been commended by hospital regulatory agencies for our best practice protocols.

Northeastern Anesthesia maintains numerous quality assurance programs. We continually monitor our regulatory requirements concerning ACLS and PALS Certification, managing of scheduled drugs, patient safety, and equipment maintenance.  We are responsive to the concerns of patients participating in the Press-Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey and constantly monitor compliance with the departmental standards of care. Particular attention is also paid to the clinical research and newly developed techniques. The utilization of relevant databases (e.g., Post-operative Nausea and Vomiting Data, the Difficult Airway Registry, Maryland Indicators) helps support our modern approach to providing anesthetic care.

I hope you find NEA’s website both interesting and informative. If you are a prospective patient planning to have surgery, please navigate to our Patient Information page. For healthcare administrators who may be interested in having Northeastern Anesthesia become your provider, please navigate to our Hospital Administrators section for business related information.

Again, thank you for visiting with us.
Mitchell D. Cohn, MD


Message from the President of Northeastern Anesthesia Services Mitchell D. Cohn, MD
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